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We are inviting You to spend one of Your most memorable day in Villa Andropoff!


Villa Andropoff is a perfect place for weddings because of the exceptional natural charms - what can be more beautiful than a wedding on the sea-shore with a thrilling sunset! Besides the beautiful beach and sea, helps the original and particular architecture of the main building to create very romantical milieu. Excellent is also the fact, that Villa Andropoff`s restaurant has room for 200 guests and also than, there is plenty of room for dancing. Furthermore, the hotel offers a variety of accommodation choices for up to 144 guests without extra beds!


Villa Andropoff has been a wellknown place for wedding for years. The most popular time among the wedding organizers is of course the summer period, but our experience show, that wonderful weddings can be arranged year-round.


It doesn`t matter if You are celebrating the day face to face or with a lot of friends, we are helping You to organize the the day just as You like. Each wedding is unique and with every couples wishes is being individually dealed, because only then we can determine the details, which make it Your moment! Ask for an offering here!


See You two in Villa Andropoff!

Villa Andropoff
Valgeranna küla, 88326 Audru vald, Estonia
Phone: (+372) 444 3453