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The biggest attraction of Villa Andropoff is of course the beautiful beach, which is only a few steps away from the main building. The beach offers activities for every vacationer - there is a possibility to enhance your tan under the sun, bathe in the waves, build sand castles, play sportsgames or just enjoy the walks along the beach.

Besides the joys of the beach it is pleasantly possible to spend time on the new 18-hole golfcourse, which is located only 800 meters from Villa Andropoff. If you are not familiar to this game, then you can give a fling at the Driving Range or take training lessons. For experienced players and greencard owners the course will be a real challenge.

A new and very popular place to spend time is the Valgeranna Adventure Park, which is about 1 km from our territory. This is an adventure climbing up in trees and going down monkey rails. It`s a challenge for your mind and body - in spite of the age, gender or physical condition.

Groups (from 10 people), who order in advance, can play on our big territory and in the neighbourhood forests "photo hunt", "GeoCrossWord" and "Enigma" - these are games, which are worth trying for and which are for example very suitable for ending a conference day.

There are more possibilities for spending time.There are possibility to play Pool in Villa Andropoff´s Bar. Villa Andropoff has a playground for children and a volleyball field. In winter there is a opportunity to sledge down the dunes and ski in the quiet pine forest. Besides all that, beautiful resort city Pärnu is located only 8 km from Villa Andropoff.

Villa Andropoff
Valgeranna küla, 88326 Audru vald, Estonia
Phone: (+372) 444 3453