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The area was originally built as a holiday resort for the Soviet top leadership and the state visitors. The construction of the present main building was initiated under general secretary Yuri Andropov – hence the name. It appears, however, that it was the Estonian communist leader Karl Vaino and his family who did the most holidaying here.

The main building was completed in the mid 1980´s under the esteemed Estonian architect Raine Karp, other buildings on the grounds date back to the 1970`ies.

Under Soviet rule the area of 11,4 ha was strictly forbidden, military guards patrolling the fence night and day. Outsiders never knew exactly who were enjoying these amenities at a particular time. Occasionally, newspapers might disclose some grandees names a few weeks afterwards…

Eventough the heads of state have not used this resort since the Estonian independence (1991), most of the locals still had doubts up till after the mid 1990`ies as to wheter it was permitted or not to visit the grounds.

The secrecy around and whitin the area is well expressed in the cinema building surrounded by its plastered brick walls and guard postings. The cinema machinist was always brought in by the back door and he never had a chance to see or recognise those in his audience. All he could see was the screen.
The area still stayed under constant surveillance after the Estonian independence, but it was possible for people to visit it. In the mid 90ìes the resort was for a while used by the Victoria Hotel in Pärnu and finally in 1997 a Finnish-Estonian consortium bought the area from the Estonian governement. The resort opened as the Holiday- and Conference Centre Villa Andropoff for the midsummer 1998 giving everybody a chance to experience something of the earlier era, to enjoy the natural beauty and the services provided for the distinguished guests.

Villa Andropoff
Valgeranna küla, 88326 Audru vald, Estonia
Phone: (+372) 444 3453